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Knowledge in technology utopias and dystopias. Strategies of media representation and discursiveness of knowledge in fictional narratives and online contexts

The project examines how advances in science and technology as well as corresponding knowledge stocks on the one hand represent narrative, technical-utopian and dystopian fictions (films and TV series) and how on the other hand they are discursivised and discussed in online lay communication. The three thematic fields of Artificial Intelligence and Human Enhancement (1), Technification and Computerization of Life Environment (2) and Geoengineering (3) form the focal points of the joint project. From a media-scientific point of view, the staging of science and technology on different levels (topoi, motive complexes, symbolic and aesthetic coding, etc.) should be examined by qualitative content analyzes and correlated with the construction of specific knowledge claims and ideas. The linguistic investigation focuses on the (text) medial representation and construction of everyday knowledge in online discussion contexts characterized by their special interaction conditions as specific knowledge-cultural situations. It should disclose how users linguistically construct and negotiate everyday worldly knowledge claims and lay knowledge of technology utopias / dystopias.
The special and innovative knowledge potential lies in the interdisciplinary cooperation that combines media and cultural studies with linguistic-discourse-analytical methods and generates a scientific added value that forms the foundation for future-oriented follow-up research. Thus, there are knowledge goals, e.g. in the discovery of similarities and differences in the description and negotiation of science and technology in the intermedial comparison. Key questions include what types of knowledge are constructed and whether semantic differences in knowledge construction and representation (for example, in the topoi or perspectivization) can be demonstrated.

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