Research bridge


"Explorer" by ahmad syahrir von Pexels

The research bridge HEiKAexplore serves the exploration and support of new, strategically important topics. Thus, HEiKAexplore regularly devotes itself to a large, common topic (outside the topics of the established HEiKA research bridges: AIP, MTH, OE, PAC and SB), in which existing collaborations should be strengthened and new ones stimulated. An important goal for HEiKA is to promote topics that have a recognizable potential for initiating a new joint research network. It follows automatically that a HEiKAexplore thematic field should already have a certain breadth on both sides of the KIT and the University of Heidelberg, in order to enable cooperation beyond a simple HEiKA project.


HEiKAexplore Topics (since 2016):

HEiKA-Projects of this research bridge