Workshop „Flavour and Dark Matter”

Precision experiments in Flavour physics can probe the interaction between the known particles described by the established Standard Model of Elementary Particles and the mysterious Dark Matter, which dominates over the visible matter in the Universe. KIT and Universität Heidelberg participate in the international flavour experiments Belle (and Belle II), LHCb, and mu3e and perform related theoretical research as well. The international three-day HEiKA workshop has brought together 71 researchers from 23 academic institutions in 9 countries. The 28 talks covered the topical areas (a) sterile neutrinos in decays of leptons and mesons, (b) axion-like particles, (c) dark photons and Z' models, and (d) flavoured theories of the dark sector. A half-day excursion was devoted to a visit of the KATRIN experiment and the Tritium Laboratory Karlsruhe located at Campus North of KIT.

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