Funding of nine HEiKA projects in 2020


In the current funding period, innovative cooperation projects are currently underway in the six HEiKA research bridges.

As part of HEiKA - Research Bridges, the Heidelberg Karlsruhe Strategic Partnership promotes small to medium-sized collaborative projects each year, which are characterized by outstanding scientific quality and high innovative potential. Upon selection, the individual project teams are each funded with starting funds of up to € 80,000 for a maximum of one year.

The HEiKA Project Funding has been in existence since 2013 and has since then started annually in January. The corresponding call for projects starts in May of the previous year and usually ends with the selection of the projects in the course of the Okotober.

In the annual call for proposals in 2019, project proposals were again sought that deal with at least one of the six research bridges:  Advanced Imaging Platform (AIP); Functional Materials (FM); Medical Technology for Health (MTH); Particle Physics, Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology (PAC); Synthetic Biology (SB) and HEiKAexplore - "Autonomous Systems in the Field of Law, Ethics, Technology and Culture". As early as October 2019, the Extended Board of Directors selected nine of the 25 submitted project ideas in its selection meeting and approved their funding (total funding of 638 TEuro) from 2020 onwards.



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